It has been a really busy couple of year and I have set out to accomplish alot of projects that have been the culmination of years of work.  My poetry has been my own personal journal since I started writing in 1990 during my highschool years.

The first poem I ever wrote is as follows:

My Love

My love she walks in silence,
her existence shrouded in mystery.
The whisper of her name does still the wind,
for she rules over day and night.
Her radiant beauty outshines the sun,
and humbles the moon.
When she does roam the earth,
The sun hides behind the clouds in shame.
The dazzling moon refuses to shine.
She is one so beautiful,yet so humble.
One so near,yet always so distant.
She is able to break free of conformity.
Live, Breath,and be what she truly desires.
She is of majestical beauty,
an object of inspiration and desire.
For her a king would denounce his throne,
other men give up their fortunes.
Yet all she does truly desire,
is to be free.

December 2010 saw the realisation of my dream as I published my first book of poetry.  I am very proud of this achievement.


Thank you to all the love and support and inspiration I have received along the way.  This book is a reflection of our collective journey together 🙂

4 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. Marco, you are a beautiful soul! I am so glad to know you and share this journey with you.
    Arohanui ( love in abundance)

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