Apple and Berry Rice Pudding

I always remember my mother making rice pudding for us as children growing up. Left over rice from a previous meal always meant there was rice pudding in our future. Over time I have learnt to make it for myself and my family, with small alterations and additions here is the recipe I love most…. From my table to yours ! 20131104-202041.jpg Ingredients: 6 cups cooked rice 1.5 cup brown sugar 6 eggs, slightly beaten 5 cups milk 4 cups frozen berries 2 apples 2 tblspn honey 1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon 20131104-202958.jpg Preparation: Preheat the oven to 200C. Place rice in bowl, grate in the two apples. 20131104-203605.jpg Add the berries 20131104-204023.jpg Mix all ingredients, stir to mix. Pour into greased baking dishes 20131104-204538.jpg Mix all the other ingredients together and beat well. 20131104-204939.jpg Fill each ramekin to the top with the custard mixture. 20131104-204950.jpg Dust with cinnamon and Bake about 25 minutes in a 200 degree oven, or until set. 20131104-205412.jpg Remove when golden. 20131104-205559.jpg Cool and serve warm 20131104-202041.jpg

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