Chorizo and Marinated Goats Cheese bites

I love the broad range of food I am exposed to in my current job.  After 5 years in the Caribbean and the limited range of fresh food products available I am in paradise.  Fresh Chorizo was  one such revelation and I am fortunate enough that in a family of butchers I was able to convince my Pappa to make me some.  This is a beautiful, quick and simple nibble for when people drop in unannounced or as a simple tasty canape that can be dressed up to begin an elegant evening.  It is a brilliant match of the richness of the Chorizo with the creamy texture of the cheese.  Enjoy !!

1 x Large Fresh Chorizo Sausage
1 x 250gm Goats Cheese Marinated in Herbs (Persian or Danish Fetta is excellent also)
1 x packet Melba toasts
2 Tblspoons Olive Oil

Slice the chorizo into half inch thick slices.

Place a heavy pan onto the stove and allow it to heat well.


Add the oil to the pan and coat the pan.  Place the Chorizo into the pan and cook until golden.

Turn and cook to golden on the other side.  Remember the Chorizo is raw and cooking will take a lot of the fat out of the sausage which you need in fresh Chorizo.

Remove from the heat.  Lay out onto a platter as many Melba toasts as you have Chorizo slices.

Working quickly top each toast with a single slice of the cooked Chorizo

Top each slice with a small amount of the Goats Cheese, draining off any excess oil as you work.  Crack a little black pepper on top to serve

Serve….. Love….. Enjoy !!!

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