Veuve Cliquot and White Peach Preserves

Peaches and Champagne . . . . does it get much better than this?  I think of this as my Bellini Jam.  This is my excuse to have champagne before 11am in the morning 🙂

1 Kilo White Peaches (stones removed and quartered)
900gm Caster Sugar
1/2 Lemon Juiced
1 cup champagne

Add the peaches and the sugar to a large pot.

Add the cup of Champagne and the juice of half a lemon.

Put onto the stove over a moderate heat.

Bring to the boil and reduce to a low heat to simmer.

Cook the mixture for approximately 1 hour on a gentle heat to prevent the peaches falling apart.  A small amount placed into the freezer on a plate should gel.

Mean while sterilize the jars in boiling water and make sure they remain HOT !

Empty the jar and wash the lids in hot water also.  Divide equally amongst the jars you require.  We used 3 medium jars.

Fill the jars and seal with the lids while hot.  Wash down the jars with boiling water to remove an spillage.

The jam is perfect with Breakfast Brioche or on homemade scones with fresh cream.  Perfect for a special occasion or just when your feeling Decadent!

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