Fresh Fig Strudel

So this is what I call a free hand recipe, in that the quantities are variable and you can substitute ingredients in and out to alter it as you see fit.  The best type of recipe as far as I am concerned !

3  sheets pre-rolled puff pastry defrosted
600ml whipping cream
6 large figs
500gm fig jam
caster sugar

Pre-heat oven to 200c
Cut the pastry sheets in half.

Fold the sheets over onto each other to form 3 double layers.  Prick with a fork to join the layers together

Lay onto grease proof baking paper and sprinkle with caster sugar.  Place into the oven to bake until golden (roughly 20 mins)

In the time the pastry is baking cut the figs into quarters

Place into a bowl and add the fig jam

Gently stir through being careful not to break the figs up too much.  Refrigerate.

Whip the cream until firm peaks form (you can sweeten with sugar & vanilla if you desire).  Refrigerate

Remove the pastry from the oven and allow to cool fully before we start to build the strudel.

Before you place the pastry base onto the plate, add a small spot of cream to hold it in place.  Lay down the pastry and add half the fig mixture.

Add some cream and the next layer of pastry.

Repeat the process and refrigerate to allow the cream to set.

Garnish with some additional figs are serve.  Perfect quick and easy summer dessert !!!

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