Nougat Semifreddo

Semifreddo remains permanently soft due to the fat content of the Mascarpone.  This is different from ice-cream due to the fact it is set and not churned like traditional ice-cream.  These are normally found in the northern regions of Italy (yes I know it is not southern food , but I’ve decided to claim it !! ) around Venice.  Wonderful summer dessert for those hot balmy evenings…


3 Large Eggs Separated
3 Tbl-spoons Caster Sugar
300gm Mascarpone Cheese
100gm Brittle Nougat Chopped
Whole pistachios shelled and unsalted to garnish


In an electric mixing bowl, beat the egg yolks on high with the sugar until pale and fluffy.

Add the mascarpone and keep beating.

Stir in the chopped nougat.

In another large bowl beat the egg whites with an electric beater until firm peaks form.

Gently fold the whites into the yolk mixture.  (If you add the whites in a small portion and then two larger portions it makes the process easier and any air lost in the initial folding is compensated for in the ease of folding the later two portions.)

Line a 15cm x 25cm loaf tin with cling film, ensuring you push it into the corners and against the sides.

Pour the mixture into the tin and freeze over night.

To serve, unmould onto a serving dish.  Decorate with pistachios and slice.

Cut, Serve and Love!!

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